M&E of the Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment Initiative


The PRIDE Initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation provided grants to nonprofits and for profit businesses to test models for generating employment for low-income youth through business outsourcing and digital work.

PRIDE operated in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and India.   Jackson and Associates served as both the monitor of this Initiative and its evaluator, using a developmental evaluation approach involving file and document review; portfolio analysis; key-person interviews; theory of change analysis; and stakeholder workshops.  


In addition to working closely with the Foundation’s Initiative team on key learning questions for the Initiative, our consultants (both international and local) worked directly with grantees, one on one and as a group, to build their own monitoring and evaluation capacity.

Our M&E findings and recommendations informed the design of the Foundation’s $100 M Digital Jobs Africa Initiative, announced earlier in 2013. The assignment also produced several public-goods articles, reports and conference presentations.