Ghana’s anti-LGBTQ+ hate campaign deserves a serious response

Original publication August 16, 2021
Ghana has long been known for its moderate governance, free speech and multicultural tolerance. But a proposed new law would radically and cruelly suppress the rights of LGBTQ+ people there. Canadians should support efforts to kill this bill. See link to read more of this blog

Ghanaian diplomat Sulley Gariba, who worked to level inequalities, called Canada his second home

Original publication May 19, 2021

His commitment to democracy was deep. He recruited and mentored new political candidates across all parties to better represent northern Ghana. He became a political commentator on radio and television. He wanted more action, less talk.

Tech Tonic: Are Development NGOs Ready For AI?

On the outskirts of Dhaka, in the soft blue glow of a bank of computers, young engineers customize software for businesses from around the world. In a village outside Chittagong, a mother logs into an online-money platform to transfer tuition funds to her daughter in a nearby college town.