Our Mission

We mobilize better knowledge for better futures.

E.T. Jackson and Associates is an international management consulting firm providing strategic planning, organizational learning, and performance assessment services to grant-makers and investors in the public interest in developed and emerging economies.

Our priority is to accelerate the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially the tripling of renewable energy and the transition away from fossil fuels.

Our Story

Launched in 1982 and incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act in 1984, our firm, Edward T. Jackson and Associates Ltd., spent its first 25 years evaluating and implementing projects financed by the Canadian International Development Agency on water and sanitation, education, governance, gender equality, and microfinance in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Eastern Europe. We were recognized for our excellence in microfinance in Bangladesh and local governance in Ghana, with strong gender components in both.  Trusted relationships with strong local partners were fundamental to our success.

For the past 15 years, the company has advised the development cooperation programs of Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland, the Mastercard, McConnell, and Rockefeller foundations, and the Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, OECD, and World Bank, especially in the areas of impact investment, blended finance, climate finance, gender lens investing, social enterprise, and university scholarships and partnerships. For this work, among other honours, Jackson and Associates received the Sustainable Development Goals Leadership Award from Global Compact Network Canada.  Again, working closely with highly skilled local colleagues and organizations has been key to our effectiveness.

Our New Chapter

As the SDG target year 2030 approaches, and action to address climate change is more urgent than ever, we are opening a new chapter in our story.  We are now centering our services and products on SDG 7: affordable and clean energy.  We will deploy all our capacities—in research, evaluation, strategy, policy, education and training, and stakeholder engagement—to help accelerate fair and orderly transitions away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, with a resolute commitment to good jobs and decent work, gender equality and rights, resource circularity, democratic governance, and sustainable communities.

In the emerging field of climate finance for gender equality, we are particularly interested in gender performance incentives, such as interest-rate breaks on loans for borrowing companies that agree to hire substantially more women for good jobs in the construction of wind, solar and hydro projects.  We also have proven expertise in designing impact management and measurement systems for investment funds that advance both clean energy and women’s empowerment. In the area of just energy transition partnerships, we advise governments, donor agencies, unions, and financial institutions on stakeholder consultation in the design and implementation of adjustment packages including early retirements, grants for training or entrepreneurship, reskilling, and relocation, among other tools.