Biodiversity Financing Promotes the Cooperation Needed to Stop Extinctions

Writing in The Triple Pundit, Riya Anne Polcastro underscores the importance of an initiative of major NGOs advocating annual financing from rich countries of $60 billion per year to protect biodiversity and prevent further mass extinction. “The Nature Conservancy, the Rainforest Trust and the World Resources Institute are just a few among the groups calling on Canada, the U.S., U.K., the E.U. and Japan to make a financial pledge ahead of the Convention on Biological Diversity taking place in Kunming, China this April…The environmental costs of international trade have long been borne by those producing the goods, not those consuming them. As such, the true cost to the environment has not been reflected in the prices that consumers pay and, in essence, these costs have been passed back to the same people who rely on these ecosystems for survival.” To access the full article, click HERE