Once You Integrate Gender-Based Analysis into Evaluation, “it’s hard to unsee”

Canadian Jane Whynot, a program co-chair of the AEA’s Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG, has posted a bracing blog on the methods for and benefits of integrating gender-based analysis in the evaluation process. Doing so changes stakeholders’ perceptions. In fact, Whynot writes, using GBA+ makes it “hard to unsee” gender issues and implications for action. She also refers evaluation professionals to a toolkit by Carleton University professor Janet Siltanen

ILO Future of Work Commission Reports to Davos 2019

On January 22, 2019, the International Labour Organization’s Global Commission on the Future of Work issued its first report, entitled Work for a Brighter Future.  Among other recommendations, the report advocates a “Universal Labour Guarantee, social protection from birth to old age and an entitlement to lifelong learning.” To read the report, click here

Engaging Stakeholders in Logic Modeling

Professor Moya Alonso of Southern Georgia University has posted a very useful blog on AEA365 on how to effectively engage evaluation stakeholders in developing program logic models.  Mobilizing a diverse stakeholder advisory group and facilitating meaningful discussion, as well as handing over the logic model that is produced to the staff group

CAIDP Celebrates 25 Years of Professional Advocacy

The Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP), a professional advocacy group and knowledge network, recently celebrated 25 years of working to make Canadian development assistance more effective.  Thanks to the efforts of leaders like Pamela Branch, Richard Beattie and others, the association instituted a professional code of conduct and an annual conference that is…(Read more)

Catalyst for Sustainability: Case Study of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation

A new case study on the work of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation shows how post-secondary educational institutions can build green, social real estate projects, including affordable housing, and incubate scaled social enterprises—all in partnership with community organizations.  Commissioned jointly by the McConnell Foundation and UWCRC, and authored by Edward Jackson