Measuring the Social Impact of Business in South Africa

South African colleague Dr. Neissan Besharati has published an article in that country’s Business Day arguing for more rigorous monitoring and evaluation of community social investment initiatives funded by major corporations. While CSI is a source of significant funding for South African communities, and a number of companies are best-practice leaders in assessing the performance…(Read more)

Community Campus Engage Canada

Community Campus Engage Canada, hosted at the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education in Haliburton County, Ontario, and affiliated with Trent University, has begun to roll out its programming activities. For CCEC: “Community-campus engagement (CCE) happens when communities and universities/colleges address critical community issues through collaborative research, learning and creative projects.” Incubated by the seven-year, SSHRC-funded…(Read more)

Canadian Experience in Impact Investing in Emerging Markets

In January, in Zoom presentations organized by Global Affairs Canada to impact investing stakeholders in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Ted Jackson, President of E.T. Jackson and Associates, summarized lessons from Canadian experiences in emerging markets, which include: combining awareness-building and early-stage financing through television and other media, deepening the business case for…(Read more)

Doing No Harm With Technology in Evaluation

Posting at AEA365, the American Evaluation Association’s blog site, Antony Maikuri, Veronica Olazabal and Vidhya Shanker make the case for evaluators supporting strategies and tools for digital decolonization, data sovereignty and data ethics in their work. “Evaluators can distinguish among the types of value that data can produce, and for whom,” write the authors. “These types range…(Read more)