OECD Calls for Better ESG Reporting

On September 29, 2020, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OIECD) released its latest business outlook report on the theme of sustainable and resilient capital.  While the appetite for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting has grown across the world, there is still much work to be done.  “Current market practices,” the report notes,…(Read more)

Converting Government Assets into Public-Interest Foundations

Longtime non-profit sector scholar Lester Salamon has written an article in the fall 2020 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review showing the power of converting government assets generated through large-scale corporate fines and privatizations into public-interest foundations. He cites, among others, the Volkswagon Foundation in Germany, and the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium, as…(Read more)

The Global Handbook of Impact Investing

The new Global Handbook of Impact Investing, edited by Elsa de Morais Sarmento and R. Paul Herman, will be published later this year by Wiley.  With 30 chapters by leading practitioners in the field, the book’s contributions focus on integrating impact into investment decision-making, impact measurement and reporting and gender lens investing, among many other…(Read more)

A Bridge to the Future

Mapping programs in four African countries – Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya – World University Service of Canada has produced a new report: A Bridge to the Future: From Higher Education to Employment for Displaced Youth in Africa.  Commissioned by the Mastercard Foundation, the findings of the report will inform the future planning of the…(Read more)

Tribute to Sherman Kreiner

Over a remarkable 40-year career, Sherman Kreiner led breakthrough initiatives in worker ownership, labour-sponsored venture capital, and, most recently, university sustainable real-estate development. His leadership and innovation inspired multiple generations of owners and employees, community organizers, Indigenous leaders, non-profit managers, lawyers, architects, policymakers and higher education executives, among others. On the first anniversary of Sherman’s…(Read more)