Sector Expertise

Our multinational, multidisciplinary teams bring proven world-class knowledge in the following areas:

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Basic education
  • Blended Finance
  • Community campus partnerships
  • Community water supply
  • Decent work
  • Digital jobs
  • Gender equality
  • Gender lens investing
  • Higher education
  • Impact investing
  • Local governance
  • Microfinance
  • Non-profit management
  • Regional economic development
  • Small- and medium-sized enterprise
  • Social enterprise
  • Social innovation
  • Youth employment

While our teams are especially skilled in understanding and facilitating micro-level (community, enterprise, household, individual) dynamics and outcomes, we are also able to assess in detail the role of macro-level (eg policy, economy) and meso-level (eg. organizations, programs) factors and actors in constraining or promoting development results on the ground.