Private Capital for Sustainable Development

This study examined 23 innovative investment funds and vehicles


In 2015-2016, the firm was contracted by the Danida Evaluation Department of Denmark’s Foreign Ministry to carry out research on how publicly funded donor agencies and development finance institutions can mobilize private capital for sustainable development.   Using public funds to conduct due diligence, share and mitigate risk, strengthen investee capacity, and insist on improved ESG performance are among such strategies.  In particular, the structured, layered fund model provides an effective organizational framework for implementation for blended finance and impact investing.


The result of this assignment was a report that drew lessons from 23 funds and vehicles that raise, blend and channel private, public and philanthropic capital to developing economies in such areas as agriculture, renewable energy, health and small business.  To access the report, Private Capital for Sustainable Development, click here

You can access the DANIDA Website here