Impact Investing and Development NGOs

This paper sets out possible roles for NGOs in impact investing


As part of the firm’s advisory role with the Impact Investing Working Group of World University Service of Canada, a development NGO working in 25 countries, Dr. Edward Jackson prepared a research paper entitled Impact Investing: A Tool for New Partnerships for Sustainable Development.  The study identifies five roles that international volunteer cooperation organizations (IVCOs) could play in in the impact investing space:  investor or co-investor, product developer, business advisor, field-builder or evaluator, or some combinations of these functions.


The paper was presented in late 2017 to IVCO 2017 in Seoul, sponsored by the International Forum for Volunteering for Development, and, in early 2018, to the Executive Directors of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, an NGO umbrella group, in Ottawa.  Click here to download the paper