Implementation of the Capacity Development and Enabling Environment Project, Vietnam


Jackson and Associates served as executing agency for CIDA and the Government of Vietnam in this capacity building project for provincial governments in Thanh Hoa province in the north of the country, and Soc Trang province in the south.

Project offices were staffed almost entirely by skilled local specialists, with international consultants playing mainly short-term advisory roles. 


Working with over 1,000 officials in a variety of provincial departments on some 50 initiatives at the two sites, the project:

  • strengthened the role of women at all levels of the provincial governance system;
  • instituted new methods of poverty monitoring by the Department of Labour and Social Affairs in both provinces;
  • organized workshops on public-sector reform and poverty reduction policies;
  • strengthened information technology in the two provinces; and
  • advanced rural economic development through studies, exchange visits and training courses.