Tech-Enabled Youth Employment: Lessons for Monitoring and Evaluation

In the blog, Veronica Olazabal and Shawna Hoffman of the Rockefeller Foundation have drawn the following lessons from the Foundation’s work in tech-enabled youth employment:  1) a diverse range of  monitoring and evaluation methods can be adapted for measurement within dynamic contexts that often characterize complex market-based interventions;  2)  market-based actors often use technologies that generate large volumes of useful information such as transactional data; however, there is a dominant perception that proprietary data helps give organizations a comparative advantage; therefore, market systems do not automatically incentivize data sharing and joint-learning; and 3) ongoing measurement activities that support adaptive management are well-suited for monitoring and evaluating dynamic market-based initiatives. Developmental evaluation is one recommended approach—amongst others—that can be integrated into a more comprehensive measurement strategy.  To read the full blog, click here