Spotlight on Brian Rowe

We are pleased to salute our friend and colleague Brian Rowe.

Brian has served as a valued Senior Associate with E.T. Jackson and Associates for nearly 30 years.   He currently takes on research projects at our Ottawa office on new-generation issues, such as artificial intelligence and development NGOs, the livelihoods of human trafficking survivors, and gender-lens investing innovations around the world.  Brian’s career began 50 years ago, when he worked as an education officer for CUSO in Yola in northern Nigeria.  He later served as a project officer for the development NGO Inter Pares and then as field staff officer for CUSO in Botswana, Zambia and East, Central and Southern Africa, later working as Deputy Program Manager and then Program Manager at CUSO’s headquarters in Ottawa.  In the 1990s, he began taking on consulting assignments with the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and our company, and also co-founded the innovative consulting group South House Exchange, specializing in gender equality, rural development and civil-society management.  In 2003-2004, Brian successfully served as team leader for Jackson and Associates with our CIDA-funded provincial development building project in two provinces of Vietnam.  Born and raised in Eastern Ontario, he earned a degree in political science from Carleton University and taught community development at Algonquin College.  We congratulate Brian on a stellar career in international development and admire his continuous enthusiasm in exploring new-paradigm issues and solutions in the field.