We Need YOUR Vote for the SDG Leadership Awards!

We’re proud to tell you that E.T. Jackson and Associates has been nominated for a 2019 SDG Leadership Award by the Global Compact Network Canada for our work on impact investing and gender lens investing, generating new knowledge to advance economic development, small business and decent work (Sustainable Development Goal 8) and, in turn, other SDGs, such as poverty reduction (SDG 1), gender equality (SDG 5), clean energy (SDG 7) and more.  

But now, as the competition enters its next phase, we need your vote!

Here is the link to our entry: https://www.globalcompact.ca/sdgawards2019-etjackson/

When you click on the Cast Your Vote button, there is a short survey you’ll need to complete (it takes two minutes).  You can vote for one company or non-profit only in each category or you can rank three nominees per category.  We are in the small and medium-sized business group.

Many thanks for your help with this.  We really appreciate your support!